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O ne fact can be confirmed is that basICColor display has canceled the support of Spyder 2 and Spyder 3 since version 5.7.2. Perhaps basICColor thought Spyder 2 and Spyder 3 were too vintage to make use of:

Devices support in version 5.8.1:

Devices support in version 5.8.1

Devices support in version 5.7.2:

Devices support in version 5.7.2

While the importance of software for device backward compatibility is self-evident, the actual situation is unfortunately frustrating. In fact, the real configuration situation is far more complicated, more thoughtful considerations and preparations are needed. For a variety of reasons, it is necessary to seek support for older equipment. Even though the official instructions clearly indicate that basICColor display 5 will support Spyder 2 and Spyder 3, unfortunately, these two devices cannot be found under drop-out menu when selecting. When is obliged to use version 5.8.1, the following steps is the easiest solution:

The core of problem is to fix the Spyder.dylib file, which located in /Applications/basICColor Software/basICColor display 5/basICColor display.app/Contents/MacOS/. The solution is much simple: replace the Spyder.dylib from version 5.7.2 to 5.8.1. Here is the file:


  • Spyder.dylib download link: click here
  • Md5: d692b50045f97789a41118ecd25de281

(To ensure the consistency of the file, please verify Md5 yourself after downloading. If have any questions about this file, or have higher security requirements, please extract it from the official 5.7.2 version by yourself.)

PS: SpectraView Profiler 5 is the NEC branded basICColor, and they are essentially same software. All the steps above work as well in SpectraView Profiler 5 (preciously, version 5.8.1).


YIN Renlong

15 Aprile 2019